P400 Pellet Press


Self-contained system for dry sawdust

This is a micro solution for small to medium size businesses that create dry sawdust and shavings. The unit only requires 5.8m² of floor space and 2m of headroom. The infeed hopper is designed to fit under most cyclone drop valves and has a storage capacity of 1m³.

The machine requires a 30amp three phase supply. Connection to your supply is by a standard three phase socket and it is essentially ‘plug and play’. Operation is controlled by the PCL device built into the control panel, all that is required of the operator is to load the machine with dry sawdust.

Features at a glance

  • The ‘Load Sensing’™ automation system – automatically senses the load on the machine and regulates the feed of material to the die chamber. This allows it operate with a wide range of materials without having to change the die.
  • Automated lubrication system – Increases  life expectancy and reduces the risk of down time and the need for attention from the operator.
  • Temperature sensor to the die chamber – Controls material loading. Reduces the risk of  damage to the machine. It also allows the machine to work with mixed materials.
  • One roller hydraulically operated roller – Halves cost of consumables.
  • Integral hammer Mill –  Operation controlled by the PCL control system prevents overloading the mill allowing it to work with varying materials and mixtures.
Model P400-5 P400-7 P400-9
Production Rate(kg/h) 40 – 80 max.* 60 – 120 max.* 80 – 160 max.*
Main Motor Power(Kw) 5.5 Kw 7.5Kw 9.2Kw
Hammer Mill Motor Power(Kw) 2.2Kw 2.2Kw 2.2Kw
Dimensions L x W x H(mm) 2000 x 1100 x 1950 2000 x 1100 x 1950 2000 x 1100 x 1950
Weight(kg) 1600 ca. 1600 ca. 1600 ca.
In-feed Hopper volume (m³) 1 1 1
Magnetic Separation Device Rare earth bullet magnet Rare earth bullet magnet Rare earth bullet magnet
Noise(dB) ≤ 85 ≤ 85 ≤ 85
Die Diameter(mm) 304 304 304
Optional Extras
Moisture Probe Option Option Option
Cooling Auger Option Option Option
Remote Assistance Option As Standard As Standard
* Production range quoted is for hardwood – softwood with moisture content 10-15%.




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