We offer P-Systems SRL fully automated wood pellet presses and biomass drying equipment for sale in the UK. Self contained pellet mills to complete pelleting plants.

Patented Wood Pellet Press Automation

P-Systems patented ‘load sensing’ and ‘easy start’™ technology is employed in over 200 wood pelleting installations worldwide. P-Systems hydraulic technology allows for uninterrupted and unattended operation. The ‘load sensing’ system allows different types of wood to pelleted on the same die. The ‘easy start’ system automatically injects oil into the die eliminating blockages.

Unique Dynamic Roller System

Our presses have a single hydraulically operated roller. The pressure roller exerts on the die is constantly adjusted and controlled by a PCL control system. The roller is also continuously lubricated and cooled by the hydraulic system.

Wood Pellets

Process dry wood waste into wood pellet fuel. Turn a cost into a profit.

If you are currently disposing of your waste using skips them our base range of self-contained units should be a viable solution.

Plastic Pellets

Plastic Pellets

Virgin waste material from production lines can be processed into 3mm pellets suitable for extrusion.

Tops and tails from blow moulding can be pneumatically conveyed directly into our systems.

Paper Pellets

Trim, copy waste and fines from printing lines can be converted into animal bedding.

Materials for recycling such as Tetra-Pak and cardboard can be processed to reduce volumes for storage and transport saving time and money.


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Paying for Waste Disposal?

Savings Calculator

Still using skips for sawdust disposal? If you produce good dry sawdust, why loose £200+ per skip?

Our machines can turn your waste into revenue. Remove an unnecessary cost from your balance sheet and increase your profits.