This bag palletiser consists of a gantry equipped with a robotic gripping arm. The conveyor feeding the palletiser is equipped with a row of powered square section ‘rollers’ to shake the bags flat before they are stacked on the pallet.

The unit is capable of dealing with different size bags and pallets. Once a pallet is complete the line stops and the stack removed and a new pallet inserted and the machine set in motion. The mesh guarding panels are fitted with safety interlocks that stop the machine from working.

Features at a glance

  • Robotic grabber operated by compressed air with rotator – handles bags gently and securely.
  • Multi programme facility – Can be reprogrammed for different sized bags and different sized pallets.
  • Fitted with safety interlocks to personnel guarding – Prevents accidental contact with moving gantry.
  • Bag Shaker – Evens out content of bags before stacking to give an even stack.


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