P700 Pellet Press

P700 Wood pellet press line

High volume production machines

The P700 series are high end production machines designed for long production cycles. There are two models in this series of machine with production rates from 1800 – 2200 kg/h in softwood and 900 – 1100 kg/h in hardwoods.

The new P700 is the largest press unit that P-System currently produce, having a die with an internal diameter of 700mm. Presses can be linked together to provide higher production rates using P-systems horizontal discharge auger.

Features at a glance

  • Hydraulic ‘Load Sensing’™ system – Automatically senses the load on the machine and regulates the feed of material to the die chamber preventing overloads and shut-downs.
  • ‘Easy Start’™ – Integrated into the PCL control system, injects vegetable oil into the material feed at start-up and shut-down, no more blocked dies.
  • Automated bearing lubrication system – Increases  life expectancy and the need for attention from the operator.
  • Hydraulic oil cooler – Allows for 24hr duty cycle.
  • Die temperature sensor – Controls material loading and prevents the die chamber from overheating.
  • One hydraulically operated/lubricated roller – Adjusts roller gap automatically. Roller is constantly cooled and lubricated.
  • Remote Monitoring – Units can be connected to the internet for remote monitoring and assistance.
Model P700 LS 110 P700 LS 132
Production Rate(kg/h) 900 – 1800 max.* 1100- 2200 max.*
Main Motor Power(Kw) 110Kw 132w
Hammer Mill Motor Power(Kw) 55Kw 75Kw
Dimensions L x W x H(mm) 2000 x 1100 x 1950 2000 x 1100 x 1950
Weight(kg) 1600 ca. 1600 ca.
Noise(dB) ≤ 85 ≤ 85
Die Diameter(mm) 700 700
Cooling Auger As Standard As Standard
Remote Assistance As Standard As Standard
Optional Extras
Moisture Probe Option Option
Magnetic Separation Device Option Option
* Production range quoted is for hardwood – softwood with moisture content 10-15%.
Production rates for other materials available on request.

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