Hooklift Container


Hooklift Container - All Round Performer

P-Systems Hook lift system comprises of a hook lift container fitted with a hydraulic moving floor and a special unloading auger. The unloading auger is mounted on wheels and is connected to the back of the hook lift container. All the containers are fitted with a top hung door with an independent bottom section.

The system is very simple once full the container is delivered to site and the unloading auger is connected and after this no further human intervention is needed. Sensors within the unloading auger control the moving floor and feed the contents into the pelleting system automatically.

The system removes the need for tipping and any need for dust suppression, creating a healthy working environment. There is no requirement for any bucket loader on site or operative to feed the pellet line.

Features at a glance

  • Hydraulic moving floor with control system linked to pellet line.
  • Quick release hydraulics for fast connection to unloading auger.
  • On-board stowage of hydraulic hoses in stowage locker. Prevents vandalism and accidental damage.
  • Fully enclosed steel bodies with breather.
  • Sight glasses for level inspection.
  • Filter top option available.

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