High Pressure Water


High performance - low cost

This system uses micro fine droplets of water to suppress fine dust. This system has several channels, giving dust suppression to different zones, these can be timed or continuous.

Micro fine droplets of water produced by the system bind to dust particles and pulled down to the floor. The diffusers can be suspended from the ceiling to give blanket cover to large areas or situated over and around processes that create dust.

These are good at stopping fine dust drifting across large areas and covering sensitive processes and machinery. The running costs of a system like this is much less than mechanical extraction and creates no noise.

Features at a glance

  • low energy demand.
  • Modular construction – simply expandable by adding or removing of  quick change nozzles.
  • Multiple channels – multi-zone control system, with timed function.
  • Oil-free stainless steel high pressure pump – low maintenance.
  •  easy to install – plug & play

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