Drytec Drying System


Drytec - Compact and precise performer

P-systems latest technological innovation, with European Patents pending. A recent development by P-Systems and like their pellet presses it is fully automated.

It has a unique continuous batch operation. A small sample of material is taken into the system passed through the units hammer mills. When the batch has been processed it’s moisture content is analysed by the system. If it requires drying the batch is sent though the systems drying circuit or if not it is released for processing.

The drying process takes place in cycles. The small batch is processed in passes until it is at the desired moisture content. Once this is complete the batch is released for processing and a new batch is taken in. The beauty of the system is that it can work with materials with wet spots or varying moisture content and produce an evenly dry product.

Features at a glance

  • Wide choice of fuels – Biomass, wood pellets or gas.
  • In built heat exchanger – Provides 100% safe source of hot air.
  • Thermostatic regulator – Air temperature within drying circuit limited to 160°C.
  • Simple controls – On, off and moisture content setting.
  • Fully automatic – Allows for 24hr duty cycle
  • In built filtering system – All fines are returned to the system automatically.
  • Extremely Compact – The unit has a tiny foot print compared to traditional systems, due to its method of operation.



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