Automatic Bagger


Automatic Bagger

A completely automated bagging system capable of weighing, filling and sealing a 10kg bag in 15 Seconds. The system is capable of running 24 hour duty cycle and the weight range of the bagging system is adjustable from 10-25 kg.

The unit comes complete with discharge conveyor, complete with micro switch that stops the bagging operation once the belt is full. This allows a single operator to stack an pallet whilst the bagging unit works in the background.

This unit is designed by P-Systems and fully integrated into their systems. All units can be serviced and repaired by P-Systems technicians.

Features at a glance

  • Adjustable bagging weights from 10 -25kg.
  • Heat sealing cycle fully adjustable, heat dwell time and pressure of heat sealing pads fully adjustable.
  • System linked to discharge auger from cooling bin.
  • All moving parts enclosed by polycarbonate safety screen – allows operator to observe correct operation.


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